Welcome to Peek-a-Boo Nursery

Peek-a-Boo Nurseries have been developed to ensure that the children are at the centre of the nurseries. We adopt an 'open door' policy with our parents/carers to help them and their children get as much out of their time with us as possible.

The learning environments are stimulating and challenging and reflect children's interests and experiences. Peek-a-Boo Nurseries take account of different stages of development and allow for choice, offering a good balance between free play and directed activity. High quality resources will support learning.

Staff have a sound knowledge about the processes of children's development, interacting effectively to support and extend children's confidence and skills.


Our Nurseries

Our spacious nurseries provide a relaxed atmosphere where we strive to be a home away from home where children are allowed and encouraged to develop at their own pace.

Peek-a-Boo Nurseries are designed for you and your child to give you piece of mind and your child a safe and secure environment where they can blossom into happy, confident and caring individuals. We are committed to promoting health and fitness.


Butterfly Room (babies)

At Peek-a-Boo Nursery our baby room is called the Butterfly Room and is a loving and nurturing environment for the tiniest children entrusted to us. The room is staffed by highly experienced, qualified staff with a particular aptitude for working with babies. We aim to ensure our routine harmonises closely with home, developing friendly relationships with parents providing opportunity for discussion about their baby's day at any time.


Ladybird Room (toddlers)

Our toddler room is called the Ladybird Room. Staffed by highly experienced, fully qualified and motivated staff, this room provides the opportunity for our toddlers to explore, experiment and discover through play within a safe, comfortable and reassuring environment.


Caterpillar Room (2 + years)

The Caterpillar Room for children over 2 years old is a spacious room providing lots of opportunities for active play, investigating and exploring.


Busy Bee Room (pre-school)

Our Pre-School Room is called the Busy Bee Room. It's a bright and 'busy' room. The play in this room is purposeful, planned and flexible where children will grow to enjoy the fun of achievement. Our pre-school curriculum embraces current education methods.

Our outside play area provides a wide range of outdoor play activities suitable for all ages and stages of development.